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Shri Ramchandra Stutihi

Shri Ramchandra Stutihi

Today 24th March 2010 is God Ram's Birthday i.e. RamNavami Chaitra Shudha Navami. Shri Ramchandra Stutihi stotra is in Sanskrit. It is a very beautiful creation of Shri Goswami Tulsidas.
1. O! God ShriRamchandra, you love your devotees, you are having a very kind and soft nature I bow to you. Those devotees who have no attachments, no desire for achieving or accumulating anything such devotees become free from this bondage by your blessings, I worship your lotus like feet.
2. O! God ShriRamchandra, you are very beautiful, with a blue color, your eyes are just like full blossom lotus, you are making us free from ego, envy and all such bad vice and you are always ready to free us from bondage of life.
3. O! God ShriRamchandra, your victory with your long arms and your glory is outstanding, by holding Bow and Arrows in your hands you are the king of this world.
4. O! God ShriRamchandra, you are born in Surya Vansha and embellishing the Vansha, you have broken the Shiva Danusha (bow), you are creator of joy for Rushies and Munies (Saints) and you are making Gods happy by fighting demons.
5. O! God ShriRamchandra, you are being worshiped by Mahadev, enemy of Kamadev (God Shiva), God Brahma and other Gods serve and worship you, you remove all our vices and you are true knowledge.
6. O! God ShriRamchandra, Indira (Laxmi) pati (Laxmi’s husband Vishnu; Shri Ramchandra is incarnation of God Vishnu) you are a mine of happiness, and you are the only one who is everything for the saints, Rushies and Munies. You are beloved younger brother Waman (Incarnation of God Vishnu) of Shachi Pati (Shachi’s husband is God Indra), I bow in front of you. I worship you Shri Ramachandra along with Goddess Sita (Your wife) and your brother Laxman.
7. O! God ShriRamchandra, any devotee becoming free from malice, envy and hatred serve you, worship you becomes free from the bondage of life (Sansar).
8. O! God ShriRamchandra, those of your devotees who in isolation and becoming free from all the desires of their organs worship you they reach to the higher knowledge and become free.
9. O! God ShriRamchandra, you are the only one, miraculous, able to do anything, beyond comparison, you don’t have any desires, God of every one, Guru of the world, you are always there, and you are beyond three gunas (virtues).
10. O! God ShriRamchandra, you love the devotees, who have got faith in you, you are not for the bad people, you are giving everything to the devotees they desire. You are always impartial. You are always proper for worshiping you. I bow to you.
11. O! God ShriRamchandra, O! JankiNath (husband of Janaki i.e. Sita), O! Lord of the world, I bow to you please bless me. Please accept me as your devotee. Please let me worship your lotus like feet.
12. Those people who recite this ShriRamchandra Stuti (praise) with faith, devotion and respect; there is no doubt that they receive blessings from God ShriRamchandra.
Guru (Jupiter) in first House
Guru in the first house makes the person happy and enthusiastic. Health and body feature are found good. Their nature is found sportily, calm and self respecting. They are found intelligent, good inference, self confidence and always hopeful. They like to participate actively in social work. Justice and good methodological working habit make they distinguish. They can acquire name, fame, money and power in their business. Such Guru makes the person fortunate. In the horoscope of many good professors, good teachers, very strict magistrates and good political leaders Shubha Guru is found in the first house. Guru along with Sun, Budha, Shukra or Moon in shubha yoga makes person famous, fortunate and celebrity.

Thought for the Day
I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. ------------Winston Churchill
Shri Ramchandra Stutihi
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