Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shri Ram PratahaSmranam

Shri Ram PratahaSmranam
Today 16th March 2010 is Gudipadava. Hindu year starts from Shudha Pratipada (1st day)
of Chaitra (name of the month) masa (month). This day is called as Gudipadava. It is a very auspicious and holy day. Any new work is started on this day to have a success. It is a day when God Ram defeated Ravana conquered Lanka and then entered Ayodhya. It is also a day when God Brahmadev created this world. I am wishing a very happy, prosperous, healthy and wealthy new year to all.

Shri Ram Prataha Smranam. This is in Sanskrit. The name indicates that, this stotra is to be recited by getting up very early in the morning (Prataha). Devotees of Shri Ram recite this stotra early in the morning. They believe that by remembering (Smaranam) Shri Ram early in the morning their day will begin and end without any trouble, happily and peacefully and they will be successful in their endeavors. Belief, Faith and Devotion works wonders in anybody’s life.

1) I remember lotus like beautiful face of Shri Raghunath (Shri Ram) early in the morning which has a sweet smile, soft and sweet talk, with a broad forehead, with beautiful swinging earrings in the ears, with big eyes reaching up to the ears which is looking pleasant to my eyes.
2) I remember the lotus like hands of shri Raghunath early in the morning which are making fear in the minds of Rakshasaja (Demons), which are for giving blessings to the devotees and which have broken the bow of God Shiva and married Sita in the Rajasabha (royal court).
3) I remember the lotus like feet of shri Raghunath early in the morning which are having auspicious signs such as Vajra and Ankush etc, which are worshiped and offered holy service by Yogies and Rushies and these feet have removed the curse and sufferings of the wife (Ahilya) of Goutamrushi.
4) I remember and recite the name of shri Raghunath early in the morning which makes us free from sins, which removes flaw, disorder from our speech and which was recited by Parvati (Wife of God Shiva) just like pious One thousand names God Vishnu’s with a desire/ambition to marry/stay with God Shiva.
5) I remember shri Raghunath early in the morning, who is worshiped in Vedas, who has a blue color just like blue lotus and blue jewel, who is looking very beautiful by wearing swinging garlands of pearls and who is offering his blessings to Rushies, Munies and devotees and making them free from bondage of life.
6) Any devotee who by rising early in the morning recites the above 5 shlokas (Stanzas) every day becomes beloved of God Rama, becomes chief among the devotees of God Rama who serve him always. Finally at the end of life reach to the God Hari loka (The kingdom God Vishnu).
Thus here ends the God Rama PratahaSmaranam.
Question and Answer

1) Date of Birth 30-5-1971
Your good days are expected to start from middle of Jun 2010. Career and family problems may be settled from then on. Till such time care has to be taken by keeping cool and taking care of health also. Your horoscope is very challenging and unwanted troubles are right from your child hood. You are advised to recite following Kavachams every day.
1 Chandra kavacham
2 Mangal Kavacham
3 Shri Bruhaspati Kavacham

2) Date of Birth 26-3-1956
Your good days are expected to start from first week of April 2010. All your problems are because of the position of Saturn and Mars in your horoscope. You are advised to recite following Kavachams every day.
1. Mangal Kavacham
2. shani kavacham

Thought for the Day
There is only one breath. All are made of the same clay. The light within all is the same.
------Guru Granth Sahib.

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.
----Earl of Beaconsfield.
Shri Ram PratahaSmranam
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