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Jannathashtakam is a Sanskrit stotra. It is a beautiful creation of Shri Mat Adi Shankaracharya. There is a temple of God Jagannatha at Jagannathpuri in Orisa, India. Besides God Jagannatha there are pious idoles of Devi Subhadra (Sister of Swami Jagannatha) and God Balabhadra (Brother of Swami Jagannatha). Ratha Yatra (Chariot Procession) is a main and auspicious festival which has just started on 23rd June 2009. During that period of 11Days (i.e. Aashad shukla Pratipada to Aashad Shukla Ekadashi) Swami Jagannatha along with Subhadra and Balbhadra goes to Goddess Gundicha Devi temple for rest.
Jannathashtakam is tried to translate in English as under. However in the translation the beauty of the words, meaning of the words may not be as accurate as it is required to be. Please forgive me for that.
1) Long Long Ago he was singing songs on the bank of river Yamuna at vrindavan. Sometimes he was seen looking at the faces, fully filled with devotion of the Gopies; just like a large black bee sucking honey from the lotus. He is worshiped by Goddess Laxmi, God Shankara, Brahmadeo, Amarpati Indra and Shri Ganesh. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
2) He has held murali (flute) in his right hand. He has worn Peacock’s feathers on his head. He is always looking at his friends and taking care of them. He leaves in the beautiful city, Vrindavan. He helps his devotees and protects them. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
3) His palace having Golden top is on the sea shore, in the Nilachal Pradesh. He along with his brother Balbhadra is sitting in the palace while Sister Subhadra is standing in between them. All gods take opportunity to serve him. Rather they are allowed to do so by him. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
4) He is filled with kindness which is like water in the ocean having no end. His body is very beautiful like the cloud filled with water. Shri Laxmi, Shri Saraswati, Moon and Brahma who is created from lotus like naval of God Jagannatha; always worship him. Vedarushies are also praising him in there hymns. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
5) He is victorious. He has defeated the demons and is returning to Vridavan; during his return he is blessed and praised by Brahamnas. He hear it every where and on his every step. Pleased by it and filled with the kindness, he gives every thing to Brahamnas, what they required. I wish to see the same brother of universe along with Rukhamini who herself is Laxkmi. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
6) ParaBrahma is his throne. His eyes are like Lotus. He lives at Nilparvata. He becomes happy when he sees Radha who is fully filled with devotion, love and praise for the God Krishna. He wishes to embrace his devotee Radha. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
7) I am neither asking a kingdom nor asking Gold which is useful in purchasing me any material happiness. I am not asking a wife, beautiful and pretty and other people may wish her to be their wife. I only wish to see God Jagannatha who is always praised by God Shankara. I like to see the same Lord of Universe, Swami Jagannatha.
8) O! God Jagannatha, I request you to please help me, make me free from bondage of life, sins done by me. I am bored of this material life. You are always ready to help your devotees, poor and ordinary people. Please let me see you. Please help me. Thus Jagannathashtakam completes here.
Venus in Gemini and in First House: By face we can know such people are intelligent. There body color may be ordinary, but face is attractive. There eyebrows and nose found nicely shaped.

Thought for the Day
If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. ----- Buddha.

Always do the right things. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. ------Mark Twain.
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