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Shri Vishnu ShhodashaNama Stotram

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Shri Vishnu ShhodashaNama Stotram

This Stotra is in Sanskrit. Creator of this Stotra is Unknown, since he has not revealed his identity anywhere in the stotra. The Stotra consist 16 pious names of God Shri Vishnu. It is specifically mentioned that when and where these manes are to be recited which makes you successful.
The stotra starts with bowing to God Ganesh.
1) At the time of taking medicine remember him by the name Vishnu. While eating call him by the name Janardan. When you are going to sleep recite his name Padmnabha and at the time of your marriage call him as Prajapati.
2) At the time of war, fight or argument call him by the name Chakradhar. While on the journey call him as Trivikram. You recite Narayan at the time of leaving this body (at the time of death). When you are enjoying your wife’s company, remember him by the name Shridhar.
3) When you have bad dreams remember him by the name Govind. When you are in trouble or danger, call him by the name Madhusudan. We have to call him as Narsinha, when we are in forest. Call him as Jalshayinam when are amid the fire.
4) When you are in the water, call him as Varaha. Call him as Raghunandan, when you are on the mountain. When you are going somewhere call him as Vaman. For success in every work you do, call God Vishnu as Madhav.
5) He who recites these sixteen names of God Vishnu, getting up early in the morning will become sinless and after his death will go to VishnuLoka.
Here completes this Vishnu Shhodasha Nama Stotra.

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Thought for Today

We need to find God, and he can’t be found in noise and restlessness.
God is a friend of silence. ------ Mother Teresa.


Destiny is no matter of chance. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. ---------William Jennings Bryan.

Question and Answer

Dob: 20/11/1978 Dhulia (Maharashtra) 3.59Pm

There are chances of change in service after 2/10/2009. Such change will turn good after 20/12/2009.
For your health please avoid arguments.
Please recite/hear Mangal Kavacham, Budha Kavacham daily.
Wish you all the best.
Thanks for asking.
Shri Vishnu ShhodashaNama Stotram

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