Thursday, July 16, 2009

Minaksi Pancha Ratnam

Forms of Parvati: Ardhanari, Parvati, Dakshayani, Minakshi, Shree Shantadurga, Shitala Devi, Jumadi, Kamakshi, Kolaramma, AnnapuraniParvati ; Goddess of LoveHindu Goddess Parvati With Son Ganesha Stone Statue 12"Goddess Kali -The Ferocious Devi Goddess Stone Statue 14"Lord Shiva-shiva Parvati Sitting on Nandi in Brass 10"
Minaksi Pancha Ratnam

Minakshi Pancha Ratnam is a very beautiful creation of Adi shankaracharya. It is in Sanskrit. There is a temple of Minakshi Devi at Madurai in South India.
1) Goddess Minakshi is more luminous than the thousand rising Suns. She has worn Keyur and garland. Her lips are red like the Bimboshti fruit. Her teeth are shining with a very sweet smile on her face. Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods are worshiping her. She has worn yellow sari (Pitambar). She does everything good to everybody.
I always bow to Goddess Minakshi.
2) Goddess Minakshi has a pearl throne on her head. Her mouth is shining like a shine of full Moon night. She has worn Noopur (The ornament used by ladies on their feet.) and Kinkini (The ornament used by ladies on their wrist.) She looks like a beautiful lotus. She is daughter of great Himalaya. I always bow to Goddess Minakshi.
3) Goddess Minakshi is Shri Vidya. She gives knowledge to all of us. She is sitting on the left side (thigh) of God Shiva. She resides on the middle part and in the center of Shri Chakra. She is mother of God Kartikeya and God Ganesh. I always bow to Goddess Minakshi.
4) She is very beautiful. She makes us free from fear. She gives us knowledge. She is very pious. Her body color is bluish. God Brahma has worshiped her. She is younger sister of God Narayana. She is Goddess of all musical instruments. I always bow to Goddess Minakshi.
5) She is found in the heart of Yogies and saints. She can give us anything. Her feet are covered with different flowers. God Narayana has worshiped her. She is Nandabrahmmayi, She is every where. She is cause of every thing in this world. I always bow to Goddess Minakshi.
Here completes the Minakshi Pancha Ratnam. It is a beautiful creation of Adi Shankaracharya.

Venus in Leo and in First House: People are found not so attractive. However qualities such as good in arts, poetry, sports and Nimbleness in intelligence are found.

Thought for the Day

Don’t forget God. He will be with you wherever you go.


Making oneself accountable to someone, is also a step towards success.
Minaksi Pancha Ratnam

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