Friday, November 22, 2013

Gurucharitra Adhyay 28 गुरुचरित्र अध्याय २८

Gurucharitra Adhyay 28 
Gurucharitra Adhyay 28 is in Marathi. This is a continuation of story of Adhyay 27 when Shri Guru was at Gangapur. The name of this adhyay is Karmvipak. Patit who had acquired temporary knowledge by the blessings of ShriGuru was asking for his earlier births. Here ShriGuru is telling that how and why we have to take so many births till we get the Moksha. All the sins done by us make us to take different births. Here it the description of the sins and the different births.
Gurucharitra Adhyay 28 
 गुरुचरित्र अध्याय २८

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